Monday, September 7, 2009

President's Address viewed in Akron

Really enjoyed getting out and meeting so many people in East Akron parade today. Thanks to all who said hello.

So many people are talking this weekend about the President's address to school children. Akron has chosen to show this address with kids given the option to opt out. It did give the district a chance to use its "all-call" system to let parents know what will be done in Akron Schools. As a parent, I am glad to have this new system for all of its diverse uses.

I am not sure where all the hype started regarding this address. I do know that modern Presidents have all used television to address school students... starting with President Reagan. Anyone who lived through the 80's will remember the Nancy Reagan "just say NO to drugs." I also know that things are super-charged politically. But why, without reading the speech or knowing what it's about did so many people close their minds to a simple inspirational speech? This is a speech to encourage kids... all kids... to work hard, overcome obstacles, that it is normal to not always want to work hard.. but to do it anyway! Please read it for yourself BEFORE you decide.